10 Weeks of Toddler Structure & Fun!

2 - 4 year old martial arts

Organized, structured sports give your toddler the chance to use the mind and body to accomplish a goal. Think about it, your toddler will spend the majority of his or her early life with your family at home with the limited resources available during this time. Additionally, your child will not participate in most organized activities until this crisis subsides. The sport of judo challenges toddlers both physically and mentally while targeting key emotional development milestones such as balancing independence with family identity, establishing early impulse control, exploring personal limits, and understanding boundaries.

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Sunday 9:00-9:45 AM (Level 1), 9:45-10:30am (Level 1), 10:30-11:15am (Level 2)
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19 New Salem Street, Wakefield, MA 01880, United States